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Under construction AquaNotes is a web portal based on 'Aquatic Notes' that link taxonomy, geography and ecology. It is currently under construction and not ready for use, but you can have a look. The portal is aimed at experienced and aspiring marine naturalists. Think of it as an online resource that helps you identify fishes and learn about their distribution, behavior, habitat requirements and more.
Coastal fish biodiversity surveys
Until AquaNotes is fully functional, I am providing coastal fish biodiversity observations as illustrated checklists. Right now there is a very extensive one from Dauin (Philippines) with over 800 distinct species! It is based on a PADI Awared-funded project. A brief survey has just been completed in Moalboal (Philippines) with the first surveys in Indonesia scheduled for winter 23/24.
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Underwater photographer
AquaNotes is based on photographs that allow confirmation of identification and comparison of appearance across regions, life stages, etc. This section of the site discusses equipment, techniques, and other information about using Underwater photography as a documentation tool.
Dive Travel
Tropical beach
Coming soon
My ideal dive destination offers a mix of boat diving and a good house reef where you can dive unguided, either solo or with a buddy. To make multi-month trips I also need to avoid upscale resorts. If this meets your dive interests then this section will give you ideas of locations to visit.

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