Underwater Photography Tips & Tutorials

As divers we can only briefly visit the visually overwhelming underwater world. You can just enjoy the experience in the moment but for many there is an inherent desire to document what they see because when you want to tell non-divers what the experience is like, a picture truly is worth more than a thousand words.

But underwater photography is not just about sharing images with others. If you want to learn about underwater creatures you will quickly realize that trying to remember all that you have seen would require a photographic memory. And since most of us aren't that lucky we use a real camera instead. Others are more interested in capturing seascapes, the dive atmosphere, wrecks, or the fun of diving. Whatever motivates you to take up underwater photography you need to learn photography basics as well as the special considerations that deal with the unique conditions of taking pictures underwater.

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  • Focus control: camera and dive tips to nail focus

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Last update: 2023-09-22